One of my first attempts of making my own videos, this is a school project in which I had to interview someone on ancient literature. I was able to secure lighting equipment and use my own Canon T6 camera. However, I had to hand held my camera because I was not able to get a tripod. 

This was my first time messing around with the lighting and it was my first attempt at interviewing. 


Another school project that I had to do, I was tasked to make a commercial for any product. I decided to do one on the Starbuck's kcup. 


Leaning more into the storytelling aspect of videomaking, this project was about making a mystery video. With permission from the pharmacist and my friend, I was able to film at Kroger pharmacy while my friend was getting the COVID vaccine. 

Tell me a story 

This video was an assignment based on telling a story of call and response. My take on this project is about remembering about a time, a happy memory, before the pandemic during an important event of the present. The call is a song playing in the background and the poster on the wall, and the response is the last part of the video, at the concert. 

BTS Metlife Concert 

I have always seen videos on Youtube of people sharing their experiences at concerts. This was my first concert ever, I wanted to share the experience of eagerness, excitement and happiness with going to a BTS concert. Something I would feel whenever I watched other peoples videos.

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